All mobsters have now been excommunicated from the Church by Pope Francis

According to Ciro Benedettini, a spokesperson for the Vatican, Pope Francis’s stern words do not constitute a formal decree of canon law with regards to excommunication. Benedettini clarifies that the words offered by the pope were a direct message to the members of organized crime that they had been excommunicated with the catholic church and that they could not participate in the activities of the church or church sacraments because they had distanced themselves from the church.

According to Pope Francis, people who follow the evil path like the Mafiosi are not in communion with God. Therefore, they are excommunicated. The pope’s words stern created headlines all over the world as they were considered to be extremely significant to a number of members of organized crime in Italy who see themselves as a part of a cult-like and a religious group. They are also known to take part in the sacraments and go to the church.

Pope Francis had journeyed to the heart of the largest crime syndicate in Italy, a town called Castrovillari which is located in the southern region of Calabria, to meet the father of Nicola Campolongo, a three year old boy who was killed in a drug war in the region.

Calabria is considered to be a major power base for ‘ndrangheta, a drug trafficking syndicate that has its roots all over the world. The syndicate is famous for its roles in infiltrating public works contracts and the extorting businesses. Pope Francis had also denounced ‘Ndrangheta during an outdoor mass and termed is as a contempt for the common good.

Upon visiting the site, the pope declared that all mobsters were automatically excommunicated from the Holy Catholic Church. Francis comforted the imprisoned father in the courtyard of the prison in the courtyard of the prison.

The boy was shot in the month of January along with his grandfather and his grandfather’s girlfriend when the attackers torched the vehicle despite all three victims still being in it. The boy’s parents were already in jail on account of drug trafficking charges. This led the pope to express his horror on the attacks and the pope had also promised to visit the town.

Rev. Ciro Benedettini also stated that the Pope told the father that he prayed that children might never have to suffer in the same way again. Benedettini further added that the grandmothers were weeping inconsolably.

Psychology of Online Gambling

You might be considered to be extremely lucky when you win a big sum of money, but gambling is not about luck. Yes, luck plays a great role when it comes to gambling, but it is not the end of the world. There is a unique psychology at play when it comes to gambling. This psychology can be divided into two different categories – the science of psychology and the application of psychology.

There are a few views on the psychologies of gambling among humans – it is considered to be bad behavior and it is considered to be an extension of the human behavior. Most of the people in the gambling world belong to the first category. They have simple a world view and don’t believe in the element of chance. They would rather place their hard earned money in safe investment programs. They also tend to see gambling as a pathological sickness which cannot be controlled and pity gamblers. On the other hand, those who view gambling as an extension of human behavior see gambling as an instinctual and rational process and not as some sickness. Both sets of people are considered to be right in their own ways and one should not judge either ideology.

Controlling your emotions and feelings while gambling

There is no room for feelings and emotions in the world of gambling. Emotions make you lose control of your thought process and distract you from having a proper mindset that is needed to be intelligent. Successful gamblers are known to have a perfect sense of timing when it comes to understanding when to play and when to quit. Controlling your emotions while gambling is quite tough and there are always ups and downs, but you still need to eliminate emotions from your game. The best way to do this is to find a way of releasing your anxiety and anger before the next hand.

Stay away from superstitions when it comes to gambling

Superstition is something that is quite synonymous with gambling. All gamblers love to believe in superstitions, particularly in games where they have very little control – games like slots, craps and roulette. A gambling superstition is considered to be a common, but unjustified belief in a supernatural event which leads to certain consequences for a partucilar, action, practice or event. Superstitions are known to play a huge role in gambling psychology. For example, many gamblers are known to make irrational decisions such as bet way too much on poor hands or multiply their losses because they make decisions that are not based on rational thoughts, but on their “feelings”.

Is it ok to be a superstitions gambler?

The biggest problem with superstitious gamblers is that they always have proof to back their superstition. This is because the psychology of gambling allows one to remember the number of times they win, but forget the number of times they end up on the losing side. It always helps to base your thoughts and actions on rational thinking as superstitions do not exist. You need to understand that superstitions have no impact on the outcome of the game because it is completely dependent on probability and chance.

Gaming Odds

Every time you visit a casino or play a game at an online casino, you are faced with the issue of odds. These odds are mathematically calculated in order to determine probable outcomes and the higher the odds, the less likely you are to win. Remember, tossing a coin gives you a 50:50 chance of winning. However, playing on a roulette table gives you a “1 in 37” chance of winning. Most players choose gambling as a way to pass time and entertain themselves. Money is never an issue, but winning is always considered to be a bonus. However, there are a few players who try to determine the games that they play based on their odds of winning. This allows them to be more successful than others and have a better chance of actually winning something while gambling.

Poker is considered to be one of the most popular gambling games all over the world. Players who have a decent understanding of the game and its strategies are offered with an excellent advantage over other players. Since the odds are changing with every card, players need to register these changes and understand their chances of winning in relation to the level of bets and the cards on the table. Therefore, if 5 players are betting till the end, and you only have a lower ranked pair such as a 4-pair, it would be safe to assume that you would end up losing. Similarly, if 3 players are betting till the end and you end up making a full house such as 9, 9, 9, K, K; it would be safe to assume that you will win the round. Poker also allows you to judge your hand with the help of implied odds. Implied odds refers to the fact whether there is enough money in the pot to justify the odds of your hand being successful. For example, if you have K, K, K and the pot is raised, the raise should be 40 times your raise in order to make your bet worthwhile.

Blackjack is another game that is considered to be extremely popular in physical and online casinos. The game manages to perfectly combine skill and chance and is easily beatable. Players with the right skill sets can manage to reduce the house edge to about 0.80% and offer themselves with a great chance of winning some money. Blackjack also features ever changing odds since the odds of winning are dependant on the card dealt previously. The players can calculate odds of receiving cards by acknowledging the card that preceded it. If the game is played with a single deck, it becomes much easier to keep a track of the cards that have been dealt and the cards that can still be dealt. It always helps to keep a track of the cards that have been dealt as they can help you improve your odds and understand basic blackjack strategies such as when to stay, when to double up and when to split a pair.

Unlike poker and blackjack, roulette is an independent variable game. Roulette is a game that is completely dependent on chance. However, it is still known to be popular as it allows players to win as much as 35 times their bet. The table layout also allows you to play in a way that offers you with a chance of improving your odds of winning. Moreover, Roulette also allows players to bet in areas that allow the maximum returns. For example, betting on a red or a black, on an odd or an even offers players with an excellent chance of success. On the other hand, betting on single digits might sound exciting, but the odds are always stacked against players. The house edge further increases in the case of American Roulette since it contains 0 and 00 whereas the European version only contains a single 0.

Craps might be similar to roulette in the sense that it heavily depends on chance, but the betting pattern in craps allows players to limit the house edge in favor of the person throwing the dice. Pass line bets are considered to offer players with the best chance of winning as they can easily be combined with pass line point bets. Players should always avoid bets such as Hi-Lo, individual numbers or craps due to the huge house edge that these bets enjoy.

Talking about slot machines, it is literally impossible to zero in on the odds offered. Due to the sheer number and types of slot games available in casinos, the odds vary immensely from one machine to the other. Slot machines are generally referred to in terms of payout percentages or Retuns to Player. Anything above 92% is considered to offer excellent returns. What this implies is that you can expect to get back $92 for ever $100 bet.

The Politics of Internet poker

Poker has indeed become one of the most popular games to be played in land based casinos as well as online casinos. It is taking over a significant part in the industry. The numbers of poker players are increasing every passing day and it targets almost every generation from young to old. A numbers of groups have been formed online too, to help them socialise as well share common interest. People from different parts of the world assemble together to play this interesting game. Playing poker online is an altogether different experience from playing it in person. The virtual experience is a deterrent in reading the facial expressions of the opponent. The player is expected to place his bet based upon his opponents’ betting. This process is better known as probe betting.

A few important factors one must keep in mind while playing internet poker are:
1. Be aware of your limit: While in a land based casino, one is forced to play within a particular limit, it is not so when it comes to gambling online. It is therefore extremely important for a player to set his limits even before he sits down to play.
2. Secondly, detailed research of the online poker machine or website is a must. It will help you understand the intricacies and the rules related to it. It will also help you avoid any further confusion and misconception. It is important since once the mistake is done it is extremely or almost impossible to reverse it.
3. Pay great attention to the opponents bets: Since playing online act as a hindrance while betting, it is possibly the only way of understand and probing the cards the opponents might be having. Hence each and every bet needs to be carefully analysed.
4. Also, watching your opponents’ insta-bets and insta-raises is also highly advisable.
Playing poker via internet can be extremely beneficial for novice players as they can start off by placing smaller bets and not feel awkward in a new environment which actually may seem eerie to many new players. Also another major advantage of the same is it helps in crossing borders merely with a click. People from different countries can easily socialise and compete against one another. Many poker websites create opportunities to entice new players and organise tournaments and help them enter the real ones easily.

Despite such advantages, internet poker has its own share of disadvantages too. It is extremely vulnerable to frauds, especially when it comes to collusion between the players. Such frauds can be easily detected and resolved in land based casinos but not possible online. Also, steps have been taken to trace IP addressed on players in order to deter two players from the same household to play and cheat.

With passing time, internet poker has become extremely popular amongst many. If used sensibly, it can turn out to be an extremely pleasant experience but the user needs to be attentive at all times in order to avoid any possible threat.

Differences between Texas Hold’em and Omaha Poker

Even the greatest of players are known to err while shifting from the Texas Hold’em to Omaha poker or vice versa. One of the biggest reasons why players are prone to making mistakes is because of the vast differences in terms of strategies between the two games. We aim to cover some of the key differences to help poker players around the world understand both games better and ensure that they refrain from losing their hands because of mistakes that could have easily been avoided.

Difference # 1 – The value offered to High Pairs
Having a high pair such as a pair of aces is known to be an excellent hand while playing the Texas Hold’em. High pairs drastically increase the possibility of creating a winning hand in the Texas Hold’em because of the limited probabilities of higher combinations appearing. On the other hand, an Omaha game offers players with far greater options to choose from as it provides them with four hole cards to choose from. Therefore, high pairs might be a strong hand in Omaha, but they are unlikely to win you the pot if you face more than a single opponent.

Difference # 2 – Omaha is a lot more about drawing
The possibility of creating strong hands is much higher in a game of Omaha. This leads to players trying to draw their hand in order to wait for the best possible hand. As a result, heavy pre-flop betting is literally negligible in a game of Omaha. On the other hand, if a player gets a good hand such as a high pair in the Texas Hold’em, you can expect them to go for heavy pre-flop betting to try and get the maximum number of players to fold their hands before the flop cards open out.

Difference # 3 – Pre-flop favourites are absent in Omaha
Unlike the Texas Hold’em, there are no pre-flop favourites in Omaha. This is due to the simple reason that even the strongest possible starting hand only has a 65% chance of being a favourite when the flop cards are rolled out. In fact, Omaha is actually known to be a post flop game as most of the action and the drama in Omaha unfolds once players are shown the flop cards.

Difference # 4 – Texas Hold’em involves more bluffing
Players playing Omaha poker are less likely to bluff, simply due to the fact that they have numerous outs to hit their hand. Moreover, due to the number of cards involved, there is always a chance of a player managing to create an excellent hand in Omaha. On the other hand, since players are offered with just two hole cards in the Texas Hold’em, they have the license to get away with a successful bluff.

Difference # 5 – Slow playing is rare in Omaha
Omaha is a game where an excellent hand can become second rate the moment the next card is opened. As a result, players who have a great hand once the flop opens are likely to bet bog to get other players to draw out. On the other hand, players having an excellent hand once the flop cards open out in a game of Texas Hold’em are more likely to slow play in order to keep other players in the game. This is because the chances of the next card ruining their hand are very rare.

Yes, the two games share a number of common factors, but there are greatly different when it comes to deriving winning strategies. And as all poker lovers know, winning in poker is ultimately about having the best strategy.

Best Hotels in Atlantic City

Atlantic City is one of the best destinations for gambling in the United States. While there are fewer casinos than in Las Vegas here, you can’t but be impressed by the opulence and gaming quality they offer. And because we want you to have the best possible experience playing in Atlantic City, here are the best casinos in the city:

1. The Borgata

Founded in 2003, this mega-hotel and casino is credited with helping transform Atlantic City into the gambling Mecca that it is today. The hotel appeals to tourists by offering high-end shopping opportunities, as well as world-class cuisine and entertainment. Initially designed for the needs of wealthier gamblers, the Borgata soon turned into the number one gambling destination in Atlantic City.
This hotel is luxurious, and also offers visitors the chance to play in its over 160,000 square feet casino. With nearly 3500 slot machines, 180 game tables and a poker room with 85 tables, the Borgata has something for everybody including visitors from whether you are interested in playing for pennies at the slots or in one of the well known daily poker tournaments with buy-ins as high as $30,000.

2. Caesars

One of the oldest casinos in Atlantic City, Caesars boasts a two-floor casino with a gaming surface of over 140.000 square feet. It has over 3000 slot machines and 145 game tables. The casino is divided into different areas, and you’ll appreciate the Asian games area, as well as the race area, fitted with individual monitors where you can view your race of choice.
Caesars is well known for its slots, but you can also play Three Card Poker Six Card Bonus here. If you are not familiar with the game, don’t be surprised. It’s not a traditional game, but the high payoffs make the effort of learning it well worth it, as Caesars’ two winners who each banked $1 million can surely tell you. Just don’t forget you might want to skip on the worst casino games.

3. Harrah’s Resort

Located in the Marina District, this resort welcomes its guests to its 2590 luxurious rooms, but also to its 175,000 square feet casino. Situated on the main floor, the casino is equipped with over 2600 slots, famous throughout the city. If you’re feeling lucky, you can take part in the $10,000 slot tournament the resort organizes. Harrah’s also provides access to bars, restaurants, shows, nightclubs, SPA and fitness, the full package for a memorable holiday.

All in all, Atlantic City is a great destination for gambling. We hope that, regardless of the casino you choose to play at, your gaming experience in this beautiful city will be one to remember.

The Top 3 Macau Casinos

Macau is currently the highest gambling revenue producing city in the world. There are more people coming to Macau to gamble than there are to Las Vegas, and the city made five times the gambling revenue Las Vegas made the past year.
Macau is home to a few of the largest (including THE largest) casinos in the world. There are 33 casinos in the city, all open 24 hours a day, with more soon to open their gates to an ever increasing number of gambling-hungry players.
In this article, we will present some of the best gambling destinations in the city:

1. The Venetian Macau

This is the largest casino in the world, with a surface of over half a million square feet. This much larger replica of the Las Vegas Venetian cost over 2 billion dollars to build, but the 80.000 people playing the casino each day probably helped absorb the costs pretty quickly. In fact, Norskecasino24 has informed us that the current figure is actually slightly lower than the actual cost.
There are over 2000 slot machines in this casino, and over 500 gaming tables. Baccarat is the most popular choice by far, but you can also enjoy stud poker, blackjack, roulette, sic bo, or craps.
The hotel has about 3000 luxurious suites, and offers its guests access to high quality entertainment, brought by well known stars such as Beyonce or Lady Gaga.

2. The Wynn Macau

Opened in 2006, Wynn Macau is now one of the largest hotels in the city, with 1000 rooms and suites.
The casino is not spectacularly large, only 200,000 square feet, but it offers players an intimate, classy décor which some will certainly appreciate more than its flashier neighbors. The Wynn is a luxury casino, and this is reflected in the minimum bets as well, which are higher than in other casinos.
The resort also has two luxury spas, eight restaurants and three bars, as well as a high-end shopping area where you will find well known brands.
Guests and passers-by can also enjoy all day long, every 15 minutes, the beautiful light and water shows on the lake in front of the resort.

3. The Grand Lisboa

The Grand Lisboa is the highest structure in Macau, and one of the highest 25 structures in the world. At night, the entire façade of the building is illuminated by color-changing lights.
The casino here stretches on four floors and features 730 slot machines and over 400 game tables. You can play a variety of games, from baccarat to poker and roulette.
The hotel has over 400 rooms and suites, but lacks in term of entertainment. Except for the Crazy Paris Show running daily between 2pm and 2am, a gym and a small spa, there is little else that could keep you entertained. There is, however, a restaurant starring well known chef Joel Robuchon, as well as 8 other restaurants and bars.

Whether you’re interested in visiting an exciting, fast-paced, buzzing casino, or a luxurious, discrete gambling establishment, Macau has it all. So don’t hesitate to visit someday, especially since new casinos are expected to be launched every year.

The Worst Casino Games

When it comes to playing the casinos, you should be aware of the fact that the house edge varies from game to game. This means that it is more likely for you to win when playing certain games than when you are playing others. And when it comes to the worst choices which you could make when choosing what games or bets to play, these are the top 5:

1. Live Keno
This game reminds of a lottery draw. Players receive a ticket where they fill in their choice for 20 numbers from 1 to 80. From a ‘bubble’ containing balls labeled from 1 to 80, 20 balls are then drawn. The house pays a certain amount to each player depending on the number of selections matching the draw, but not before taking 25% or more of the winnings, depending on the casino.

2. The American Roulette Table
The house has a 5.26% edge in American roulette tables, which is a pretty significant percentage. Instead, you should choose to play the European Roulette tables, where the house edge is much lower – only 2.7%.

3. Slot machines
Slot machines are very popular, and for a reason. Casinos make a lot of money on these machines, depending on the payoff percentage. Generally, the house edge varies between 20% and 1%, so it is probably a good idea to look into it online and find out information regarding payout percentages at various casinos near your home.
Generally, you should keep in mind that lower denomination machines will tend to have lower payoff percentages, while higher machines will tend to be looser. Fancier games, especially progressive jackpot games will tend to be tighter as well, which is why you should try to play older, flat-tops machines instead.

4. The Big Six Wheel
This old carnival game gives pretty bad odds to player. The house gets an edge anywhere between 10 and 25%, depending on the number which the player bets on.

5. Craps props bet
While craps is one of the most ‘giving’ casino games, with almost 50% win chance, some of the bets which players are allowed to make are not very profitable. It’s the case of the props bet as well, where the house edge can go as high as 17%.

It’s usually a better idea to head toward the blackjack, craps or poker tables instead of these games. They’re fun, and they give players much better odds.

International Discrepancies Between Casinos

The thing about casinos is they can only operate under the law. Whether they are located in the United States of America or Malta, the key is, like any other business model, they must operate under the laws of the operating country. It’s a concept that is supposed to work with the people and businesses themselves as well. But how well does this model work out? How efficient is the current methods that we use? In our case where we are located in the United States of America, there are various laws regarding this issue. Since there are 50 states in America, there are at least 50 different laws regarding operating a casino venue. Of course they wouldn’t have just one law for the casinos. There are multitudes of laws for every state and let’s not forget about the laws on the Federal level.

Now that we went over the basis of the laws, we can talk about how casinos work with the laws. While major casinos that generate millions of dollars per year can bypass these kind of laws since they have the finances to receive support from lawyers who specialize in gambling laws, the small business owners who want to operate a casino will go through a harder time – to say the least.
We know it’s sad for the small business owners who want to run a casino simply because they do not have the financial and legal support they need to operate a successful business. But some get by. They get by because they start small and build an empire. The empires grow up and turn into very profitable businesses that require little management.

Today, we say that the United States is run through a Capitalistic way. However, let’s not forget that “true” capitalism does not restrict businesses with laws. A true way would let the people open any business they want without any restrictions. One example of a country where the laws forbid such things is Norway. In Norway, the government owns these casino companies and have complete monopoly over the market. Anyone who defies this is susceptible to laws including NorskeCasino24. Let us not forget that people in different countries must operate under different legal standards.

Is Texting Teaching Kids Poor Communication Skills?

I don’t own a cell phone. My fiancee does, and I use it if I need it, but I rarely do. I have my laptop and internet for mostly everything most people use their phone for, with the benefit of a much larger display and a full-sized keyboard. That being said, I’ve owned phones before, and I’ve sent tens of thousands of text messages.

And now I occasionally talk to people my age online or younger that have an interesting conversational disability. I say it’s a disability, because it is disabling their ability to properly communicate. Word choice is simple and inexpressive, allowing messages — especially written — be easily misinterpreted, with graphics created from punctuation marks used to convey emotions among a limited range of choices (yes, that was probably the wordiest explanation of emoticons ever).

They also don’t seem to be able, sometimes, to have thoughts or expressions of thoughts that last more than the 160-character text and Twitter messaging limit. It’s fine to communicate that way, especially socially. Unfortunately, when it comes to more in-depth conversation, that character limit is wrecking vocabulary and attention span.

An ex girlfriend of mine and I aren’t on very good terms, and while that’s not unusual, the reason is: part of the reason that her and I broke up is that I “wrote too much” when it came to texting, messaging, or whatever. She also complained that I used too many “big” , words. Yes, petty and silly. She was 16 at the time, I was 17, and she was upset that I was well-read and can easily express myself verbally.

I don’t mean that I talk too much and she was just quiet. First of all, she was anything but — it’s just that most of her communication seemed to be limited to 160 characters, even when in face-to-face conversation. She was a conversational hummingbird, flitting from subject to subject and only scratching the surface. In my opinion, this is a growing trend among people that use that type of messaging as their main exposure to human communication.

It’s a barrier to deep communication. Social media concentrates on images because people seem to prefer them, but that’s just further evidence of our tendency to overindulge. It seems like images, being easy to see, understand, and share, are the fast food of human interaction. I’m not complaining about memes. I’m not ashamed to admit that I read a few hundred of them a day, and obviously I use them myself as well. They’re useful in the right context. But if you really want to reach out and connect to people, you have to speak or write, listen or read.

We’ve evolved brains that can handle hundreds of thousands of different words with unique meanings, and assign them to the right context and use to communicate any idea to any person that speaks the same language. Any idea. Thoughts about how the universe was created, about whether god exists and in which form, about our hopes and dreams, fears and loves, and the deepest passions that we experience. We can share each other’s lives, make each other laugh, cry, and bond all through the use of words.

For some kids growing up right now, texting may literally be their main method of talking to their peers. And 160 characters isn’t enough.