The Top 3 Macau Casinos

Macau is currently the highest gambling revenue producing city in the world. There are more people coming to Macau to gamble than there are to Las Vegas, and the city made five times the gambling revenue Las Vegas made the past year.
Macau is home to a few of the largest (including THE largest) casinos in the world. There are 33 casinos in the city, all open 24 hours a day, with more soon to open their gates to an ever increasing number of gambling-hungry players.
In this article, we will present some of the best gambling destinations in the city:

1. The Venetian Macau

This is the largest casino in the world, with a surface of over half a million square feet. This much larger replica of the Las Vegas Venetian cost over 2 billion dollars to build, but the 80.000 people playing the casino each day probably helped absorb the costs pretty quickly. In fact, Norskecasino24 has informed us that the current figure is actually slightly lower than the actual cost.
There are over 2000 slot machines in this casino, and over 500 gaming tables. Baccarat is the most popular choice by far, but you can also enjoy stud poker, blackjack, roulette, sic bo, or craps.
The hotel has about 3000 luxurious suites, and offers its guests access to high quality entertainment, brought by well known stars such as Beyonce or Lady Gaga.

2. The Wynn Macau

Opened in 2006, Wynn Macau is now one of the largest hotels in the city, with 1000 rooms and suites.
The casino is not spectacularly large, only 200,000 square feet, but it offers players an intimate, classy décor which some will certainly appreciate more than its flashier neighbors. The Wynn is a luxury casino, and this is reflected in the minimum bets as well, which are higher than in other casinos.
The resort also has two luxury spas, eight restaurants and three bars, as well as a high-end shopping area where you will find well known brands.
Guests and passers-by can also enjoy all day long, every 15 minutes, the beautiful light and water shows on the lake in front of the resort.

3. The Grand Lisboa

The Grand Lisboa is the highest structure in Macau, and one of the highest 25 structures in the world. At night, the entire façade of the building is illuminated by color-changing lights.
The casino here stretches on four floors and features 730 slot machines and over 400 game tables. You can play a variety of games, from baccarat to poker and roulette.
The hotel has over 400 rooms and suites, but lacks in term of entertainment. Except for the Crazy Paris Show running daily between 2pm and 2am, a gym and a small spa, there is little else that could keep you entertained. There is, however, a restaurant starring well known chef Joel Robuchon, as well as 8 other restaurants and bars.

Whether you’re interested in visiting an exciting, fast-paced, buzzing casino, or a luxurious, discrete gambling establishment, Macau has it all. So don’t hesitate to visit someday, especially since new casinos are expected to be launched every year.

The Worst Casino Games

When it comes to playing the casinos, you should be aware of the fact that the house edge varies from game to game. This means that it is more likely for you to win when playing certain games than when you are playing others. And when it comes to the worst choices which you could make when choosing what games or bets to play, these are the top 5:

1. Live Keno
This game reminds of a lottery draw. Players receive a ticket where they fill in their choice for 20 numbers from 1 to 80. From a ‘bubble’ containing balls labeled from 1 to 80, 20 balls are then drawn. The house pays a certain amount to each player depending on the number of selections matching the draw, but not before taking 25% or more of the winnings, depending on the casino.

2. The American Roulette Table
The house has a 5.26% edge in American roulette tables, which is a pretty significant percentage. Instead, you should choose to play the European Roulette tables, where the house edge is much lower – only 2.7%.

3. Slot machines
Slot machines are very popular, and for a reason. Casinos make a lot of money on these machines, depending on the payoff percentage. Generally, the house edge varies between 20% and 1%, so it is probably a good idea to look into it online and find out information regarding payout percentages at various casinos near your home.
Generally, you should keep in mind that lower denomination machines will tend to have lower payoff percentages, while higher machines will tend to be looser. Fancier games, especially progressive jackpot games will tend to be tighter as well, which is why you should try to play older, flat-tops machines instead.

4. The Big Six Wheel
This old carnival game gives pretty bad odds to player. The house gets an edge anywhere between 10 and 25%, depending on the number which the player bets on.

5. Craps props bet
While craps is one of the most ‘giving’ casino games, with almost 50% win chance, some of the bets which players are allowed to make are not very profitable. It’s the case of the props bet as well, where the house edge can go as high as 17%.

It’s usually a better idea to head toward the blackjack, craps or poker tables instead of these games. They’re fun, and they give players much better odds.

International Discrepancies Between Casinos

The thing about casinos is they can only operate under the law. Whether they are located in the United States of America or Malta, the key is, like any other business model, they must operate under the laws of the operating country. It’s a concept that is supposed to work with the people and businesses themselves as well. But how well does this model work out? How efficient is the current methods that we use? In our case where we are located in the United States of America, there are various laws regarding this issue. Since there are 50 states in America, there are at least 50 different laws regarding operating a casino venue. Of course they wouldn’t have just one law for the casinos. There are multitudes of laws for every state and let’s not forget about the laws on the Federal level.

Now that we went over the basis of the laws, we can talk about how casinos work with the laws. While major casinos that generate millions of dollars per year can bypass these kind of laws since they have the finances to receive support from lawyers who specialize in gambling laws, the small business owners who want to operate a casino will go through a harder time – to say the least.
We know it’s sad for the small business owners who want to run a casino simply because they do not have the financial and legal support they need to operate a successful business. But some get by. They get by because they start small and build an empire. The empires grow up and turn into very profitable businesses that require little management.

Today, we say that the United States is run through a Capitalistic way. However, let’s not forget that “true” capitalism does not restrict businesses with laws. A true way would let the people open any business they want without any restrictions. One example of a country where the laws forbid such things is Norway. In Norway, the government owns these casino companies and have complete monopoly over the market. Anyone who defies this is susceptible to laws including NorskeCasino24. Let us not forget that people in different countries must operate under different legal standards.

Is Texting Teaching Kids Poor Communication Skills?

I don’t own a cell phone. My fiancee does, and I use it if I need it, but I rarely do. I have my laptop and internet for mostly everything most people use their phone for, with the benefit of a much larger display and a full-sized keyboard. That being said, I’ve owned phones before, and I’ve sent tens of thousands of text messages.

And now I occasionally talk to people my age online or younger that have an interesting conversational disability. I say it’s a disability, because it is disabling their ability to properly communicate. Word choice is simple and inexpressive, allowing messages — especially written — be easily misinterpreted, with graphics created from punctuation marks used to convey emotions among a limited range of choices (yes, that was probably the wordiest explanation of emoticons ever).

They also don’t seem to be able, sometimes, to have thoughts or expressions of thoughts that last more than the 160-character text and Twitter messaging limit. It’s fine to communicate that way, especially socially. Unfortunately, when it comes to more in-depth conversation, that character limit is wrecking vocabulary and attention span.

An ex girlfriend of mine and I aren’t on very good terms, and while that’s not unusual, the reason is: part of the reason that her and I broke up is that I “wrote too much” when it came to texting, messaging, or whatever. She also complained that I used too many “big” , words. Yes, petty and silly. She was 16 at the time, I was 17, and she was upset that I was well-read and can easily express myself verbally.

I don’t mean that I talk too much and she was just quiet. First of all, she was anything but — it’s just that most of her communication seemed to be limited to 160 characters, even when in face-to-face conversation. She was a conversational hummingbird, flitting from subject to subject and only scratching the surface. In my opinion, this is a growing trend among people that use that type of messaging as their main exposure to human communication.

It’s a barrier to deep communication. Social media concentrates on images because people seem to prefer them, but that’s just further evidence of our tendency to overindulge. It seems like images, being easy to see, understand, and share, are the fast food of human interaction. I’m not complaining about memes. I’m not ashamed to admit that I read a few hundred of them a day, and obviously I use them myself as well. They’re useful in the right context. But if you really want to reach out and connect to people, you have to speak or write, listen or read.

We’ve evolved brains that can handle hundreds of thousands of different words with unique meanings, and assign them to the right context and use to communicate any idea to any person that speaks the same language. Any idea. Thoughts about how the universe was created, about whether god exists and in which form, about our hopes and dreams, fears and loves, and the deepest passions that we experience. We can share each other’s lives, make each other laugh, cry, and bond all through the use of words.

For some kids growing up right now, texting may literally be their main method of talking to their peers. And 160 characters isn’t enough.

Let’s Save The Bees – Urban Beekeeping Works (TED)

A huge problem in the world right now is the disappearance of honeybees. Nobody knows what is causing it, although there are many theories out there. There’s also evidence that this isn’t the first time this event has occurred.

Bees are necessary for pollination, and without them we’re all going to die. Eventually. In the video below he does a really good job of pointing that out, as well as illustrating the point that we’ve been co-evolving with bees for thousands of years.

Without a known problem to fix, saving the bees grows ever more difficult. However, Noah Wilson-Rich has some awesome things to say about urban beekeeping, and why turning our cities greener is of the utmost importance. Watch below:

The North Korean Problem (TED)

If you have 12 minutes, watch this video. If you have seven minutes, find five more — and watch this video. If you have no time at all, find 12 minutes, and watch the damn video.

Why? Because it needs to be seen. We see North Korea in the news threatening to attack us all the time, and while it’s almost certain that we’re the aggressor (as usual), the fact is that North Korea presents an entirely different set of problems than the media would leave you to believe.

Here’s the video:

If we do end up in a military conflict with North Korea, it will likely be for political and military reasons. North Korea is a land buffer for China, after all, and the United States likes to be as threatening as possible. If that happens, or when, don’t forget about the people inside of those borders.

Evil goes by many names. In this case, I think the name is “psychopathic chubby man-boy.” And yes, I know that he wasn’t the leader of North Korea then. I just wanted an image to go with the post.

Sexual Assault Awareness

As most of you likely know by now, April is sexual assault awareness month. The apparent goal is “to raise public awareness about sexual violence and to educate communities and individuals on how to prevent sexual violence.” (Source)

While I really feel like this should be an EVERY month awareness thing until we drastically  lower the incidence of rape and other forms of sexual assault in the United States, it means that we’re supposed to give this topic some extra attention during this month. That includes both violence against women and child molestation, although in my opinion we should concentrate more on violence against women.

Yep, I just said that I think we should concentrate on rape-awareness over child molestation. Wait and hear me out before you angrily close the webpage, though. Nobody likes child molesters. There is no cultural endorsement for abusing children. The vast majority of people are aware that child abuse happens way too often, and nearly all of them want it to happen less or not at all. With rape, however, it seems that not only is there a large segment of the population that will end up blaming the victim for one reason or another, but quite a few people — especially younger males — aren’t even aware of what constitutes rape.

Let’s make April the month to encourage a sex-positive lifestyle. Sex-positive basically means that only two real things matter when it comes to sex; making it safe and making sure consent is given (and that the persons giving have both the legal and emotional/psychological ability to give that consent).

For more of my thoughts on rape culture, see this post.

Microbes And Us

The TED talk I’d like to share with you today is about living consciously with regard to something not many of us do — the microscopic biological world of microbes. Here’s the video, which is easily one of my favorites in quite some time:

I’d like to take this a bit further, because I think microbial awareness is something we need to work on immediately, and not just room-to-room biomes or creating beneficial microecosystems.

When it comes to things we don’t understand, the human reaction seems to be to attack first and ask questions later. For example, I don’t think that antibacterial soaps are all that good. Same thing with overprescribed antibiotic medications.

Let me know your thoughts in the comments section!

What One Senator Said That’ll Really Frustrate You


Empathy is what most people mean when they say “human” in a moral sense. I disagree that humans are the only animal to display empathy, but it certainly plays an integral role in our societal responsibilities. Republican Senator Saxby Chambliss, from Georgia, apparently doesn’t understand the concept of empathy.

In a recent interview with Politico, he stated that his opposition to same-sex marriage equality stems from the fact that he isn’t gay: “I’m not gay, so I’m not going to marry one.”

“I’ve got mine, screw you and yours.”

That seems to be the Republican attitude, and they aren’t doing much to seem any different.

Rape Culture

I feel like the rape culture in America is something that desperately needs not just to be acknowledged, but actively acted against – especially by men. The simple fact is that the vast majority of rapes are perpetrated by men, 99 percent, and that certain types of rape are implicitly endorsed in our culture. Although nearly 10 percent of rape victims are men, I’m going to concentrate here on the violence against women.

Let’s start with some statistics.


And it’s not like these are all anonymous back-alley rapes by strangers. They’re not. Around two thirds of rapes are perpetrated by someone the victim knows, and 38 percent are by a “friend.” Because 17.4 percent of women will be raped or have a rape attempted upon them (although attempted rape counts for barely two percent), this means that approximately seven percent of women have been raped by a friend. That doesn’t seem like many, but it’s roughly equivalent to one in 14. Given you likely know at least 14 women decently well, statistically it is likely that at least one of them has been raped by someone they trusted.

Not to mention that means rape by a friend or acquaintance accounts for nearly half of all rapes, which neatly rebuts any “women shouldn’t walk at night alone or they’re asking for it” myths. In fact, six out of ten rapes take place in the home of the victim or someone they know.

We’ve established that rape is extremely common, and that most of it isn’t stranger rape anyway. Rape apologists that say, “well women just shouldn’t do this or that or they’re asking for it” are attempting to make rape less personal of a crime.

Another thing that needs to be established — there are definitely different kinds of rape. There is date rape, violet rape (rape is violent in and of itself, but in this case I mean the stereotyped-but-rare struggle and rape), even spousal rape. No is no in any case. Unless, of course, you have a safeword and you’re into that sort of thing, which is perfectly acceptable and pretty common. In fact, many human sexuality experts agree that rape/ravishment fantasies are one of the most common fantasies among women, which needs to be talked about as well. As with all other things sexual, America does it behind closed doors and acts surprised when it comes to light somewhere (the trial of Jodi Arias comes to mind).

The sexual fantasy bit is relevant because I actually had a young guy, an apparent rape apologist in training, explaining very patronizingly and slowly to me about how girls like guys that force them to do things. The most unfortunate bit about his misogynistic diatribe was that part of it was true, but contextually inaccurate. “Forced” fantasies are very common about women, but it is generally agreed that it is more about the wantedness and reckless abandon — like a theme in a romance novel. After all, much more of sex is mental for females in general. The point is that women don’t like the idea of you forcing them into sex, unless you’re someone they trust and they have specifically told you, personally, that they want you to do that, and hopefully you two kinky individuals have a safeword to stop in case things get too crazy. The point is that we have to talk about sex, too, so that men and women both know what is acceptable and what is not.

Part of “rape culture” is just leftover misogyny and chauvinism from a bygone era. It’s the male domination of female sexuality; the true “entitlement” disease of America. Men think they’re “entitled” to sex if things progress to a certain point, or think that a woman is inviting sex depending on how she dresses. Guys, we’re never entitled to sex. Ever. Not to be too graphic, but she can change her mind if you’re already both naked and about to start. And if you’re unsure of what rape is, you need to get that figured out and make sure you’re communicating with your partner when it comes to sex, even if it’s just a casual hook up. That’s the key to good sex anyway (communication), and who doesn’t enjoy good sex?

A big part of the solution to America’s rape culture is going to be men. We have to step up. Women can’t fix a problem when part of the problem is men not allowing women a fair shot at fixing problems. If that makes sense. We have to work together, to stop the violence and begin the healing.

Apathy simply isn’t acceptable from anyone on this matter. If you don’t let it be known that you don’t support rape in any context, you’re allowing this subtle endorsement to pervade our communities and poison the minds of young kids learning gender roles with regard to their newfound sexual feelings for one another. When some teenagers in Ohio rape a classmate and spread the photos and video of the incident, it’s a sick — but hopefully isolated — incident. When thousands around the nation speak out in defense of those boys and their actions, it’s evidence of a cultural disease.

Statistics courtesy of the Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network (RAINN)